Estée Lauder Smooth + Tone Crème-Glove


Once upon a time, our mothers ritually slathered on a hand cream at night before bedtime, allowing it to sink in and ‘youth-ify’ hands by morning. This is a cream which invites the revival of that custom – and it’s definitely earned a place on our bedside tables, as a result. (Though don’t be stingy with it: this is a great hand cream for any time of day or night, actually – and as Lauder promise, hands stay moisturised through several washes.)

There’s a pro-collagen complex and something that glories in the name of ‘Multi-level Shaping Technology’. Certainly the effect (as with the excellent ThisWorks hand cream) is to ‘blur’ lines a bit, and – yes – we’d say it does leave hands a bit more toned, while skin’s definitely plumped-up. It’s not greasy, meanwhile. Just rich. And lovely.

And at the end of the day (literally), it’s just a gorgeous way to thank hands for all they do for us.

Estée Lauder Smooth + Tone Crème-Glove/£30 for 75ml at