Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Collection


We're pretty much hooked on everything within this new collection from Estée Lauder, which sets out to help us create 'a smoother, glowy complexion – your own skin, only better'. And, impressively, absolutely delivers on that promise. All the textures are deliciously skin-quenching and feel comfortable on the skin – but it's the visible results we also like. Here's the shortlist of our favourites, but we suggest some playtime at the Estée Lauder counter nearest to you, to figure out which work best for you.

Priming Moisture Eye Balm – feels wonderfully cooling and soothing, and is said to work to brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness, but what we've certainly noticed is that eye make-up glides on much, much more easily with this. And if you're too young to use an anti-ageing eye cream (say, twenty something), this is a real boon: you'll find it way, way easier to apply both powder and cream textures over this than onto bare skin.

Blushing Cream for lips and cheeks – just the best, best, healthiest-looking of blushers, with a touch of iridescence in two suits-everyone shades (though we prefer the rosy Sweet Cheeks). Really outdoorsy-looking. Straight in the handbag, this.

Eye Lighting Cream - a wonderful illuminator for the brow-bone, bridge of the nose, anywhere you want a bit of extra radiance and light. It glides on easily via a sponge applicator and we like it for the way it 'opens up' the eye area, without the overt shimmer that shadows tend to have. More luminosity than glimmer, we'd call it.

Reviving Oil Lip Tint – a glossy cocktail of hydrating ingredients which are cleverly pH-activated to bring a natural-looking stain to lips. As a result, the shade will suit everyone, and you'll enjoy the really easy, nourished-but-not-too-glossy feel of this on your pout.

As the late, great Estée Lauder once said, 'Glow is the essence of beauty'. And here's the proof, frankly.

Estée Lauder Genuine Glow/from £16 for Reviving Oil Lip Tint to £30 for Priming Moisture Eye Balm at