ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Facial


We are asked constantly by younger women when they should start using anti-ageing products. And our response is generally: hold off, because mostly there’s no point incorporating anything but a protective SPF into your skincare regime, till around the age of 30. Often they’re too rich. Too active. Well, that was then. This is now. This excellent, lightly-fragrant, airily-textured serum-style innovation from ESPA packs a skin-boosting, luminosity-enhancing punch, targeting the very first signs of skin ageing. Key actives include white truffle, olive extract, antioxidant vitamin C, something called ‘winged kelp’ and lashings of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.

The name’s slightly confusing – a facial implies a mask, to us, or a treatment. Instead, this is designed to be used night and morning, under moisturiser, on all skintypes.

And – for once – it’s never too soon to start.

ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Facial/£60 for 30ml buy now