ESPA Gradual Tan Face Serum


An innovation from ESPA, this couldn't be more a cinch to use. Simply add one or - if you've darker-toned skin - two drops to one of your facial care products: an SPF, a moisturiser, night cream, serum. Blend in the palm of the hand, and then smooth into skin. The natural DHA (with tan-accelerating plant melanin) seems, somehow, to 'adjust' to your exact colouring, delivering the perfect customised glow. There's a hint of something there already, but then the colour very subtly develops over a couple of hours. (Smells nice, too: rose, neroli and sweet orange oils – and absolutely no hamster-cage moment at all.)

You can 'top up' as often as you like – we're finding every two or three days, in the morning or evening, does the trick.

Way to glow? We don't think we've ever found an easier one.

ESPA Gradual Tan Face Serum/£24 for 15ml at