ESPA Cooling Body Moisturiser


Oh, boy, has this just come into its own. Don’t ask us precisely how this wonderfully nourishing gel-cream cools skin down so effectively – something to do with the camphor/menthol and lavender, plus lashings of aloe in the mix, we’re thinking – but it does. (There’s also an Ayurvedic ingredient called boerhavia, which is used for soothing.)

Previously available in a bottle – which was fine but not the easiest design to use – this has now emerged in a flip-top cap tube which is the perfect way of dispensing its cool veil of moisture onto skin.

Great as a post-beach skin-cooler, it has right now claimed its place front and centre of the bedside table (for pre-sleep slathering), next to a tall glass of cool water for night-time refreshment.

Our advice is then simply to trade your cotton pillowcase for a linen version (so much more cooling), and you’ll find summer nights much, much more bearable.

ESPA Cooling Body Moisturiser/£34 for 200 ml at