Erborian Touch Pen and BB Eye Cream and Concealer


Either one of these two finds from Erborian – which continues to climb our ‘favourite new brand’ chart – are brilliant in their own right. But if you really want to make toast of under-eye circles and tired-looking eyes, it’s worth experimenting with their synergistic effects. First up, the BB Eye Cream and Concealer – subtitled, accurately: Smoothing Eye Cream + Concealer ‘Baby Skin’ Effect 3-in-1, because it really does deliver a smooth, ‘baby skin’ look to the delicate eye zone, thanks to its light-diffusing pigments.

Dispensed from a fine nozzle, It contains active botanicals – including antioxidant/anti-free radical purslane, together with coenzyme Q-10 and a yeast extract which boosts microcirculation, to work on those dark circles. It’s so lid-smoothing, texture-wise, that we now can’t imagine applying eye make-up without it.

Second up is Erborian Touch Pen – which again has a fabulous texture, enriched with centella Asiatica and moisturising glycerine. But what makes this really, really clever is the applicator: the first time we’ve used a sponge-tip concealer – and that makes it really, really easy to apply (and all-importantly to access the blue shadow-y area at the inner eye/nose bone.

It needs light blending with a fingertip, but is fantastic for erasing the appearance of circles, shadows, redness – and has vaulted straight into the make-up kit. There are two shades: one’s fair and one’s slightly more golden (and if we are allowed one little whinge, it’s that this shade range could seriously do with widening.)

We’ve been raving a lot about Erborian lately. But you’ve been warned: we’ll probably be a-borin’ you again with further discoveries, before long.

Erborian Touch Pen/£26 and Erborian BB Eye Cream and Concealer/£34 for 15 ml at