Erborian Mask Brush


This looks so – well, dull. But we couldn't love it more!

Masks are our favourite beauty treatments ever, ever, ever. Five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 mins – and hey, presto! A brighter, softer face.

But you know how hard it is to apply a mask evenly and smoothly? Well, this makes it a piece of cake. From Erborian – the Korean-inspired, French-based beauty range which is impressing us more and more – comes this smooth silicone spatula-esque 'brush', which you use to ensure that your mask is perfectly applied. It bends into all the cracks and crevices, creating the most even of layers. (Avoid the eye area, as usual – but good for neck, décolletage, face, wherever.)

One of those beauty gizmos that you didn't know you needed. But you do.

Erborian Mask Brush/£16 at