Erborian Lip Oil


We’ve fallen ever-more-deeply in love with Erborian since meeting the co-founder, Katalin Berenyi, in London recently. She was here to showcase a mini tsunami of launches from this brand, which takes the best of Korean skin and beauty wisdom and essentially translates it for those of us in the West. (If we tell you that she used to work at L’Oréal, that’s a clue as to her understanding of the cosmetics world.) We already wrote about a trio of lip-beautifying treats from Erborian here. They’ve added to the collection – and once again, we’re hooked.

The Erborian Lip Oil comes in Nude (pretty much clear, to our eyes), and is instantly nourishing and shine-boosting – but not at all sticky like a gloss.

Erborian Rose Infusion blends sesame, camellia and jojoba oils and offers a satin finish; it’s a clear rose colour that magically (and flatteringly) adjusts to every skintone – a perfect ‘down-days’ lip treat.

We’re especially taken with the Rouge Tint, which – as demo-ed by make-up genius Kenneth Soh at the launch – is just brilliant for a flush of colour on both lips and cheeks. It’s non-greasy but has lots of ‘playtime’ (unlike lots of cheek tints we’ve tried where you risk a doll-like, budge-proof dot of high colour if you’re not super-speedy at blending). Again, the key ingredient is camellia oil: a gorgeously lightweight oil which is a cornerstone of Korean beauty.

We’re only slightly concerned that pretty soon, we’ll have a more complicated lip ritual than for the rest of our faces.

Erborian Lip Oil, Erborian Rose Infusion and Erborian Rouge Tint/£14 each at