Erborian CC Red Correct


For Erborian, BB and CC creams are a real area of expertise. They’ve done incredibly well in our Beauty Bible Awards with previous creations – and now there’s a new innovation, specifically targeted at women with redness.

The green pigments morph into skintone-coloured particles on contact with skin – so don’t be scared by what you see emerging from the tube. And although it’s designed to have an instant effect, this also features the botanical centella Asiatica, for its soothing effect. (There’s an SPF25 – but you won’t be applying all over, so it’s fairly irrelevant.)

Now, we have a special ‘Beauty Bible Correspondent’ who suffers from rosacea – the troublesome skin condition which can seriously sap confidence, ultimately sometimes leading to lumpy red patches on the cheeks. Our friend – let’s call her ‘M’ – doesn’t suffer quite that badly, but she was the perfect person to put Erborian CC Red Correct through its paces.

‘The success of this is down to getting the technique right,’ she reports. ‘The first time I put it on, I felt like my skin had been laminated – so I took it off and realised that the trick is to apply really sparingly. It is truly incredible for taking high colour down – to the point where I really had to build it up again, or I looked like a zombie flesh-eater. As my make-up wore off during the day, I felt the need to reapply make-up over the top again to maintain colour – otherwise I looked drained.’

‘If that sounds negative,’ she continues, ‘it shouldn’t. This is a truly incredible product for reducing redness. If you are one of those women who suffer from flaming red patches on their cheeks, I reckon this would be life-changing.’

From £17 for 15 ml – buy here