Emma Hardie can lift your face...

Want to smooth out lines and wrinkles?  Here's a video to help you... Emma Hardie (above left) is one of our favourite facialists - and it's certainly Big Beauty News when she unveils three products at once, as she's doing on QVC any moment now.

More of the products anon - but Emma's on air on QVC from midnight tomorrow (Wednesday) with a one-hour show, then at 1 a.m., 9 a.m. Thursday morning, midday (another one-hour show), 4 p.m., 7 p.m. - and the final one-hour Emma Hardie Amazing Face special, at 10 p.m.  (Then a well-deserved lie-down, we imagine!)

Her products are also the 'Today's Special Value' - or TSV as it's well-known to QVC viewers.  (TSV's really ARE great value, NB:  the kit is valued at £118 and is on sale for less than half that....!)

We met Emma many years ago when Sarah wrote the first article on her amazing natural face lift for YOU Magazine.  She is truly 'The Girl with the Golden Hands':  Emma's fingertip technique can persuade droopy skin to perk up in a trice.  One of her lynchpins is always to massage and smooth your face in straight lines rather than in circles - because the skin's fibres run straight not curvy.  Up and down, side to side, from hair line to bosom:  practise this daily and you have an at-home technique for defying the years.

To be honest, it really does need to be seen to be understood.  So:  below is a link to Emma demo-ing the fluid-draining, firming technique on the QVC website.  The beginning of the video's product-led, then it segues (two minutes in) into a clip of Emma working on a face - and then finally into a very useful clip with Katie Sellwood (Emma Hardie's National Trainer) showing how to achieve line-smoothing results on yourself.  And we promise:  it seems easy-peasy, yet it really does work.

So:  click here for the page with the video link.

Emma is completely passionate about skin, products - and indeed life!  She is one of the sweetest and most genuine people we know.  And we swear that passion comes through in her products, which are some of the most exciting natural formulas on the market today.

So:  the new products we're loving are also available from this week.

Emma Hardie face creamEmma Hardie Age Support Treatment Cream has instantly grabbed the limelight on our bathroom shelves (both Sarah and Jo are instant addicts), with its signature essential oil blend of sweet orange, lavender, peppermint, chamomile and rose geranium.  It has an instant firming action - without feeling tight;  in fact, it's delectably rich, really skin-plumping and mega-moisturising.  Absolute bliss before bedtime.  Find it at QVC/£37.50 introductory price for 50 ml (normally £42) - buy here.  (It's on waitlist, when we checked - but well worth waiting for, we promise.)

The Emma Hardie Lip Balm is blissful: a sublime sheen-y lip slick of moringa and hydrating oils, rose flower extract and an ingredient known as 'kiss-me-quick', for its skin-plumping powers.  There's a slight tint, so you can definitely use instead of gloss or lipstick.  Find it on QVC/£23.50 for a duo - buy here.

And do look out for the incredible Emma Hardie Hand & Nail Treatment Cream:  packed with orange, rose and jasmine oils (the fragrance is utterly exquisite), delivering an intense nourishing boost with a blend of shea butter, Inca inchi oil and keratin.  A fantastic overnight treatment - and do massage it into nails, as it'll help growth.  It's £24 for 100 ml and you can currently find it in-store at Space NK (though not on-line till 1st June).

For more about Emma, see www.qvc.co.ukclick here - or visit her own website (which is being rejuvenated itself, this week) at www.emmahardie.com