Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream


If you come back from holiday with some kind of skin rash/eruption/breakout/itching, you’ll be far from the first person this has happened to. The combination of unfamiliar products on the skin (since few of us wear our holiday facial sunscreen except when on vacation), and the sun, and maybe some strange exotic foodstuffs we’re eating, too, can send skin haywire.

This moisturiser is to sensitive skin, then, what plasters are to nicks and cuts: something everyone needs in their complexion First Aid Kit. 89% of people who trialled Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream said that it left their skin feeling comforted, and just over that number (90%) said it was ‘kind’, and didn’t aggravate their sensitive skin.

Skin-calming ingredients include orange blossom milk (known to soothe irriration, while also being moisturising and softening), a plant extract glorying in the name of ‘marvel of Peru’ (it helps to calm areas of high colour) and hyaluronic acid (our all-time favourite ingredient and excellent for repairing the skin’s barrier). 100% fragrance-free, it also nourishes and calms.

To the point where you can almost hear your touchy skin going ‘Om’, when you apply it.

Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream/£38 for 50 ml at johnlewis.com