Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off!


How much hassle was it removing your Christmas manicure? (Don't tell us it's still growing out...!) Did it require an ice pick? Or at least a screwdriver, to prise off those pesky flakes of glitter? Well, if you didn't use the Leighton Denny Easy Peel Peel Off Base Coat that we recommended here, chances are removing sparkle/glitter/gel manicure/stick-on nails was a challenge. It's the boring downside of having gorgeous, glimmering nails.

It doesn't have to be this way. Stock up now on of these packs of 100 Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off! sachets up right now, for next time you've a heavy duty manicure planned. You peel open these little sachets of powerful polish remover from this renowned nailcare name, buff over the surface of the nail to start the process of dissolving, then slip over the fingertip, squeeze shut – and even the most enduring of varnishes is easy to remove.

Note: they do contain acetone, which is really the only way to get this job done properly – so do treat them to an oil massage and some extra TLC, to make up for the drying action.

But basically, job done.

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off!/£2.65 for 200 ml at boots.com