Eco-beauty heroine Kirsten Kjaer Weis shares her seven secrets of wellbeing


As the UK celebrates Organic Beauty Week, it seemed right that the focus of our occasional series in which women in the beauty and health world share their wellbeing philosophies should be Kirsten Kjaer Weis. Kirsten – a well-travelled, successful make-up artist who grew up on a farm in Denmark and is a new friend to Beauty Bible – has founded her own signature organic brand, fuelled by the determination to bring a little bit of luxury into our organic lives.

It says everything about Kjaer Weis that it's stocked by swanky style website Net-à-Porter: these refillable products (priced £20-51) really are luxurious, the textures melt beautifully into skin – and the shares are natural and flattering. But because we just love discovering the philosophy behind brands like this – and more about the dynamic women who are making change happen in the beauty world – we're delighted to share with you Kirsten's 'secrets'...

1.  Balance is essential for a busy lifestyle. Overall balance – meaning you have to take time out where you unplug and enjoy yourself. It’s like food; you need an sense of balance in your diet but also in life in general.  Taking time out to be with family and friends and the people you love is so important.  The e-mail inbox will always be full at work so you just have to carve away time for yourself and for other things that you truly enjoy.

2.  Getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important for your body to function. It’s essential to not only feeling good but looking good as well. The body needs to replenish itself at night; it shows up on your face but also it shows in how you feel. You can handle a stressful day with grace if you’ve had enough rest. (My favourite, go-to at night for waking up with amazing skin is May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate.)

3.  Beauty and wellbeing start on the inside out. Whenever my diet is super-alkaline – which for me is staying low on wine and coffee while taking in a lot more fresh juice – my skin thanks me. Overall I aim for lots of greens and lots of salads – just a lot of 'real food' makes such a difference. (That said, coffee and wine will definitely make their way into my diet but that’s OK because balance is important.) Besides that I am a big believer in colonics; I just like to keep my body as clean as possible.

4.  Exercise, exercise, exercise. It’s about pumping blood through your body, sweating and feeling strong. It’s not only good for your health but it’s also good for sleep and your well being. I love Bikram yoga. It’s exhausting but it feels so cleansing and rejuvenating to the mind. When I can’t get to yoga, I will apply some Kjaer Weis Cream Blush because it adds the perfect healthy and natural flush to the skin. My favorite shade at the moment is Blossoming.

5.   Meditation and self-love. Turning inwards and quieting the mind is really helpful. It translates into being in stressful situations during the day and making difficult decisions, just being able to find that quiet spot easily makes a huge difference in overall well being and once you are able to get to that place.

6. Exploring and traveling in nature. Nature for me is all about unplugging but I also like to travel and explore in nature. Exploring parts of this country as well as all over the world, like going on road trips into nature, it is a huge joy for me. Since I live in the city, I love getting out on the weekends to get away and enjoy the peace and quiet. Mornings are my favorite time of day; I’m definitely a morning person. A beautiful morning in nature with a cup of coffee and I couldn’t be happier.

7. Creativity for me is like food for the soul. Creating can be anything from exploring the garment district for old fabrics, to going to the Museum of Modern Art for art, to working on new products for the line. It can be so many things. Creativity always makes me super happy, seeing ideas turn into reality it such a rewarding feeling. It’s a form of mediation in a way.