Dr.Organic Organic Creamy Face Washes

We just need to get one thing straight, before we have a little rave about these face washes. Dr.Organic isn't, actually, certified organic. Now owned by Holland & Barrett, it claims lots of organic ingredients – but doesn't jump through that final hoop to get certified. And we wish they would. Anything with 'organic' in the name really should be prepared to prove it, we think. (With Jo the former Chair of The Soil Association's Health & Beauty Standards committee, it's not surprising we feel quite strongly about this!)

That doesn't mean the range isn't fab. It is. We're longstanding fans of many of their treats, from the Body Butters to the haircare – and now, for anyone who loves a facial wash, these are great additions to the line-up: soft, creamy, kind-to-skin, effectively cleansing without leaving skin tight.

The three Creamy Face Washes join three very popular collections within the Dr.Organic range: Aloe Vera (which is soothing and moisturising), Argan Oil (as nourishing as that sounds) and the ever-popular Rose, in their 'rejuvenating' range, and with a smell that always pushes Beauty Bible testers' buttons.

Lovely face washes. But they could just be even little lovelier, if they came completely clean and went for that certification.

Dr.Organic Organic Creamy Face Washes/£6.99 each for 150ml at hollandandbarrett.com