Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint All-One-Toothpaste


Natural beauties swear by Dr. Bronner’ s organic liquid soaps, among the purest on the planet. Lots of different varieties and scents, but pretty much soap, soap, liquid soap. So it’ s pretty big news that Dr. Bronner’ s has moved into an entirely new category: toothpaste. Now, it’ s not very often that we’ re so taken with a toothpaste that we want to include it here (even though healthy, white teeth are definitely on the ‘ beauty checklist’ ).

This has converted us instantly – most specifically, the breath-freshening, pleasant-to-use, almost gel-textured Peppermint variety. It’ s not over-minty – just enough to freshen, without making you feel like you’ ve knocked back a shot of menthol – and it doesn’ t contain fluoride, which personally we’ d prefer to avoid in a toothpaste.

It features 70% organic ingredients, including Fairtrade and organic coconut oil; coconut oil has been found to be great for oral health, and even tooth-brightening. Now this is an easy way to harness that in your twice-daily brushing regime.

It’ s also available in Anise and Cinnamon, and really has us smiling.

Dr. Bronner’ s Peppermint All-One-Toothpaste/£5.99 for 140 g at www.drbronner.co.uk