Dove Purifying Detox Green Clay Body Wash


A few years ago when readers asked us for a body wash that was free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES), we’d have been hard-pushed to find a high street product to point them in the direction of. 

How times have changed. (Which is good news, for the many, many people who are sensitive to SLS/SLES – including us.) From one of the most ‘mass’ beauty names on the planet, this uses gentle, soap-free to cleanse skin – and at this price (it’s a steal), you can be lavish.

It's pitched as a ‘detoxing’ product – that’s where the clay comes in, drawing impurities from the skin. As a result, it’s a soft grey-green in colour – a little different to the usual body wash, for sure. (And in a whacking bottle, NB.)

Better suited to oilier/combination skintypes, we reckon – or those who get very, very grubby.

0% sulfates, 0% phthalates, 0% parabens – and 100% good news for touchy bodies.

£3.99 for 500ml – buy here