Discover Chanel's iconic make-up with a free makeover

What's not to love when one of our favourite brands is offering free on-counter makeovers to introduce five of the products which professional make-up artists most love...? The Essentially Chanel makeover promotion runs until 8th May, showcasing the following products...

Rouge Coco Lipstick - read our rave here (we're just loving the comfort this delivers...)

Le Volume de Chanel - their award-winning mascara. As Kay Montano comments, 'What I love about Le Volume Mascara is how well the brush is shaped. It delivers the product evenly so that eyelashes become thicker and longer without clogging.'

Le Blanc de Chanel - an iconic primer (we have to admit we remember the 1985 launch!), which is fantastically illuminating under make-up.

Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum - one of our friend Mary Greenwell's, she comments that it's 'just great under make-up. It massages into the skin in a wonderfully easy way, and leaves the skin plumped-up and so supple. Make-up sits perfectly on top.'

Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - a velvety-finish cream-gel bronzer, which can be worn on its own, and under or over foundation, for outdoorsy glow.

Essentially Chanel complimentary makeovers are at Chanel counters nationwide until 8th May. We'll certainly be booking in for ours...!