Dior HydraLife new masks


These have been brightening up our bathrooms – and brightening up our skins. We always have room for great new masks in our Beauty Bible skincare regime – although if the industry goes on like this, we're going to need to construct an extra shelf, tub-side. In the skin-quenching HydraLIFE collection, Dior just launched three stunning new masks, ostensibly targeted at younger skins – but highly effective, we've found, on our own slightly more mature complexions.

When skin's thirsty (it is right now, at the tail-end of winter - we've been slathering on the peachy-toned Dior HydraLIFE Extra Plump Smooth Balm Mask, which has as nourishing a texture as the name suggests (think: shea butter, glycerine and jojoba oil), and delivers a genuinely plumping dose of moisture.

For oilier complexions than ours, or anyone troubled by pores/blackheads, we recommend the surprisingly comfy new generation clay mask, HydraLIFE Pores Away Pink Clay Mask, which is also infused with jojoba and is 'air-whipped' to a creamy texture that's a world away from heavy, sticky clay masks we've used in the past. (And generally disliked.)

 The product featured above, though –

HydraLIFE Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask

– is probably our favourite. It has a fabulous 'wobbly' jelly texture, and the teensiest gentle exfoliating particles within the jelly so that when you remove it (with a muslin cloth in our case), skin looks instantly vibrant and fresher.

These work fast, too – three minute wonders. Even in the busiest of lives, we've got time for that.

And if you think you don't, find it!

Dior HydraLIFE Masks from £39.60 buy now 


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Alternate_views%2FMoodpack_gamme_mask_2 (1)