Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick Velvet Colour Creme Blush


We're really, really hoping that Dior decides to keep this in the permanent collection. (Currently it's a while-stocks-last item, so be quick!) A swivel-up creamy blusher, it's featherlight but adds a pop of healthiness in a second. Apply, smoosh. (We are now officially adding this technique to the beauty lexicon, having used it twice in a fortnight.)

The colours are fantastic - we've gone with Rosewood, a wonderful brown-y pink which just looks healthy on the skin. (Also choose from Fresh Pink or Apricot Orange - one warm, one cool, with Rosewood somewhere in the middle.)

Once blended, it 'sets' to a beautiful, flattering, powdered finish.

We reckon each stick will last ages - but we'll be stocking up, until we hear that Dior has come to its senses and made this a fixture in the make-up range!

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick Velvet Colour Creme Blush/£24 at houseoffraser.co.uk