Dior Brow Ink

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.48.36.png

Once we’d got the knack of this – from the new Dior Diorshow 2018 make-up collection – it’s a super-fast-track to brow definition.

We were a bit nervous, to begin with, of the applicator. It has a soft ‘doe-foot’ – rather than the brush or wand we’re used to, or a pencil format.

You need to get the hang of applying it to the skin, not just the hairs – but that takes one or two tries, we found, and then transforms this into a doing-your-make-up-in-two-minutes quick fix.

The beveled tip makes for precise definition – and it’s especially good on brows like Jo’s which have multiple ‘bare patches’. Dior promise 36-hour wear, too (though we've left our make-up on for that long!!! Has anyone?) Definitely smudge-proof and fade-proof, as promised – and available in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark.

Honestly very different to anything we’ve ever tried before. But we’ve a hunch that with a bit of practice, it’d be great for anyone whose brows are seriously on the skimpy side – which could include women who’ve lost their brows through chemo.

Making this sort of ink-redible, really.

£22 – buy here