Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation SPF20


We were at a launch yesterday where beauty editors – who are all maturing, as the globe spins and the sun rises and sets – were lamenting the challenges of foundation, as we age. Foundation doesn't 'sit' in the same way. It can be drying. Or simply slide off the face leaving fine lines, wrinkles and redness revealed to the world.

This base, however, has been specifically formulated for more mature skins, and it offers a brilliant solution. It's got great coverage – without being thick or cake-y. It has a dewiness – which you can off course matte down (Delilah's own powders are brilliant for that), or leave as glow-y as you like. It's rich and blends beautifully, counteracting dryness – and despite the fact you can easily layer to conceal imeprfections, doesn't feel heavy, at all.

In other words, win, win, win, win.

There are just eight shades but they do span from light to dark skintones well, and because this blends so well it's easy to find a match. (We do slightly ignore the SPF20 element, because nobody in their right mind slathers on foundation from ear to ear and brow to chin.)

Delilah – in case you don't know – is a rising star British beauty name. We never swing by their counter in Fortnum's without having a play, and they're now in salons up and down the country. Can't recommend too highly that you check them out – no matter what your age, and feelings about foundation.

Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation/£34