Delilah Pure Light Aura Compact Illuminating Powder


When three people say to you: 'What are you using on your skin – it looks amazing!' – and the only change is your face powder – then you know you're onto something special. It's by Delilah – a British make-up brand which has scooped several awards in its fairly short life, including a Best New Brand - Prestige in the CEW Awards 2016.

If you avoid powders because you think they make your complexion look flat and over-matte, this is definitely worth seeking out. It's a swirl of lightly glowing rose gold, soft peach and lavender powders – they look slightly 'Monet-esque' in the compact – and if you use it ultra-lightly (ideally with the Delilah Large Powder Brush, a very impressive natural fibre brush) then the effect is very subtly glowing and radiant. If you really, really want to make like a Kardashian (and do you, really...?), then you can apply more intensely for a 'strobing' effect on cheekbones, temples and brows.

But as an all-over quick 'whisk' of powder, it's as flattering as anything we've tried. Yet another good reason to check out this 'rising star' of a brand.

Delilah Pure Light Compact Illuminating Powder - Aura/£36 at