Delilah Farewell Concealer


We're falling ever more deeply in love with this British make-up brand – and it's probably this little problem-solver which tipped us over into full-blown rapture, frankly. (They just scooped 'Best New Brand', BTW, in the CEW Awards 2016 – so we're in good company.) Who wants to carry around a bottle of foundation for day-long touch-ups? Not us. So this handy little twist-up pencil has become a handbag essential. Moisturising and so soft to blend, it glides onto  skin and is brilliant for covering dark circles or sketching lightly onto cheeks, in Jo's case, where redness has crept in over the day. Currently, Delilah Farewell Concealer comes four shades – and our only niggle is that we would really like to see some deeper skintones, Delilah.

It also gives a way subtler effect than simply layering on more foundation, because you can target exactly where you want it.

We're not surprised this has already appeared on The Glamour Beauty Power List 2015. Before long, we reckon Delilah will have a whole shelf-ful of awards to their name – and this little winner gets an entire constellation of gold stars, from Beauty Bible.

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