Decléor Aromessence Solaire Body

Oils in the sun...? Very South of France circa 1977, surely.  (And the women who basted themselves with zero-factor tanning oils are the same ones who write to us now about age spots, NB.)

But at a recent (and fascinating) Decléor seminar, we discovered this oil is different.  You don't actually wear it while sunbathing, but for a week before exposure to 'kickstart' melanin production, for a more even, lasting (and faster) tan.  Argan oil and rose essential oil also feature, for their age-defying effect.

It's completely heaven-scented, too (we'd expect nothing less from Decléor):  the carrot oil and buriti oil base is infused with chamomile and geranium, and like all their many and various oils, it is silky but swiftly-absorbed.

Do not wear the oil for in-sun 'basting' but use the oil as a preparation in the run-up to your hols - then apply SPF as per usual, when you're on the beach or poolside.

And look forward to a somewhat more golden moment.

UK readers find Decléor Aromessence Solaire Body Tan Activator Serum at£44.20 for 100 ml - just click here (NB  We can't find this on-line in the States - just the face version - but you may be able to get it shipped from the UK)