Deborah Mitchell's Facial Massage

You've still got today to enter the fab prize draw to win one of überfacialist Deborah Mitchell's Heaven Flight Kits. But we thought we'd also share her facial massage secrets. We've bleated on about facial massage often enough, but to us, it always bears repeating - because it's easy to fall out of the habit of massaging the face, yet it makes an incredible difference to vibrancy, glow and puffiness.

Here's the how-to - and you do each of these movements with both hands, on each side of the face at the same time, and repeat three to six times. (Wash your hands thoroughly first, NB.)

  • Start by placing your index finger and thumb on your temples between the eyebrows and cheekbones. Bring each finger and thumb together and then spread them apart so they go towards the eyebrow and cheekbone. (Skim across the surface on the 'inward' action, press hard on the 'outward' action.
  • Place your index fingers at the corners of your nostrils and your middle fingers next to them in the dip beneath your nose. Press down and pull outwards, moving only the index fingers, following the line of the cheekbones as far as it will go, closest to the ear.
  • Press the same fingers in the dip at the side of the lips and split the fingers open like a pair of scissors. Again, follow the cheekbones, moving your fingers in a scissoring action while pressing down.
  • Take your index fingers and put them inside your mouth (inside the cheeks), wiggle them around and push up to the cheekbone, using lots of pressure.We've just done this, after writing those words - and honestly, the lift is impressive!

(And if you're entering the prize draw, good luck. It's here, BTW, with all our other fab prize draws...)