Color Wow Bionic Tonic Cocktails


Color Wow Coconut Cocktail – smells like a Bounty (a bit, only more sophisticated), and works by mimicking a natural lubricating layer of hair that gets stripped off by colouring. Jo’s new addiction: leaves hair incredibly soft, smooth and shiny. Color Wow Carb Tonic – if colour processing has left your hair thinning and porous, here’s your answer: powered by corn starch, cellulose and oat brand, it actually expands hair mass. And the effects are amplified when you style.

Color Wow Kale Cocktail – this has been ‘clinically proven to reduce breakage by over 50% after just one use: a bold claim, but we have great faith in Color Wow's Dr. Joe Cincotta (who is, after all, the man who created the pioneering Frizz-Ease range for John Frieda). The key ingredients are protein-building amino acids plus B vitamins – and this also has a UV protective effect. The Kale Cocktail can be used in combo with either Coconut or Carb.

These ‘booster’ products are an extra step in your haircare regime, for sure – but we think you’ll find they’re worth it. Little more than a 5p piece sized dollop’s needed, in each case – so the sleek silver bottles are going to go a long, long way.

So: welcome to the age of the ‘hair cocktail’– which we predict are poised to shake up the hair category, once again.

Color Wow Bionic Tonic Cocktails/£22 for 200ml at