Collection Contour Stick


Never thought we could be faffed to use a contour stick on a regular basis. (We don't have a Kardashian bone in our bodies.) But honestly, this is just brilliant for 'sharpening the jawline' in a subtle way. And trust us: after a certain age, that comes in very handy, and has now become a go-to product.

The pencil is super-soft and blends beautifully. (Quite astonishing value, actually.)

What we also like is that Collection Contour Stick comes in a Medium shade that really doesn't look dark – it simply creates a natural-looking, face-sleeking 'shadow'. (There's a Dark version, but we'd only recommend that if your complexion is deeply tanned, or Asian.)

You can use it to 'create' cheekbones, to slim a nose, or just a quick smoosh to darken the eye socket on days when you aren't going for full make-up. Draw it just along the jaw-line, as we do, and then blend, blend, blend with a fingertip, to play down a saggy jaw or double chin.

Much as we hate to admit it, makes us think that maybe Kim and Kourtney are onto something after all.

Collection Contour Stick Medium/£3.99 at