Cocolux candles


Copper is quite the thing in interiors right now. (Down to the exposed plumbing in some apartments we've seen lately!) But these candles have much more going for them than matching your decor. From an Aussie company, they're based on organic, sustainable coconut wax (no soya, paraffin or palm oils) - and most importantly, they smell divine.

The bonus? That copper container's actually reyclable. (Although we'll be keeping pens in ours. Very fashionable, you see.) Among the fragrances are Sweet Pomegranate & Açai, two exotic white florals - Tropical Gardenia and Wild Frangipani - plus our favourite, Amber and Spice.

They burn for ages, filling a room with their fab scent. And as a bonus, that copper container is 100% recyclable. (Although we'll  be upcycling ours - as rather fashionable pen holder.)

Cocolux Coconut Wax Candles are at£55 each