Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate


Scary fact department: did you know that skin loses up to half a litre of moisture during a day at the office? (Which means we're basically sitting here evaporating as we write this.) Obviously not all of that is from the face... But it's still cause for concern. And if you work out for 45 minutes, that leads to roughly the equivalent amount of water loss.

This is a brilliant antidote – about to come into its own during the centrally-heated months – from Clinique's truly excellent Moisture Surge range, which we've written about often.

Essentially an almost gel-like booster, with something they call 'Liquid-Sphere Technology', it immediately plumps up skin with powerful concentrations of both hyaluronic acid and trelahose (another super-moisturising ingredient, derived from sugar), along with 'moisture magnet polymers'. According to Clinique's trials, it delivers a pretty stonking 179% moisture boost that's 'retained for 24 hours at 65%'.

If you've normal or combination skin, it's definitely adequately hydrating in its own right. But we've been using it alongside regular moisturiser, to beef up the hydration factor. It's cooling, offering instant relief – and skin really does look more hydrated all day long. (Try mixing it half and half with your regular cream. That's not how they advise using it – but we're getting good results, and supreme sin comfort.)

Most offices have nothing on the Sahara. So: think of this as an oasis for your skin.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate/£34 for 48 ml at