Clean Beauty Co. Scrub Life


We love the scent of coffee – but not the effect on our energy levels, lifting us up then dumping us down in the doldrums. Actually, Jo loves love the aroma of coffee so much she's been known to stand at a coffee roaster's for minutes at a time, just breathing the just-ground smell. Only she won't need to do that any more, because this this scrub is  is as coffee-ish as a product gets.

Clean Beauty Co. are actually really interesting: they not only hand-make small batches of all-natural products but actually offer London workshops where you can go along to learn to do that yourself. (Their next sessions are on 17th September and 22nd October, at a West End address – read more here; they also try to get out of London so watch this space for updates.) Beyond that, they offer recipes on-line, particularly for masks and scrubs which are just so easy to make yourself.

If that still sounds like too much faff, though, the good news is that Clean Beauty Co. also offer ready-made products - including this fantastic scrub, based on pure coffee powder, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and grapefruit peel oil (which works as a natural preservative).

They recommend it for areas prone to cellulite (in which case they suggest leaving on for 5-10 minutes), but we like it for any bits of rough and tough skin: upper arms, knees, heels and more. It is a truly sensual pleasure buffing this into skin, breathing in the roasted main ingredient.

We actually haven't tried leaving it on the skin for long because in truth, you'd need to do that in the shower or somewhere that can be sluiced down; this isn't the 'tidiest' of products we've ever tried – and it does need a good blast with a shower-head to remove it from the bath, if that's where you choose to use it.

But absolutely worth it, we say – whether you're a caffeine addict or never normally go near the stuff.

Clean Beauty Co. Scrub Life/£20 for 200ml at