Clarins Boosters


At Beauty Bible we've long espoused the idea that you should ‘read’ your skin on a daily (even twice-daily) basis, and apply products accordingly: extra moisture when skin’s looking flat and feeling dry, light-reflective skincare when your complexion has the ‘blahs’, or a boost of antioxidants when you’ve been over-exposed to the sun, for instance. Now these clever new Clarins boosters offer a way to customize skincare incredibly easily from day to day. Along the lines of their ‘tanning drops’(which you add to your regular moisturiser, they contain high concentrations of powerful ingredients which can enhance your regular face cream or even foundation, with three options...

Booster Energy is your way to rev up tired skin after lack of sleep, jet travel, late nights or stress, with a complex rich in energising ginsengextract.

Booster Repair is for skin that’s sunburned, or suffering from extremes of climate – and ideal, too, if you live in an area of hard water. (This is also a great post-swim booster for your sports bag skincare kit.) It’s enriched with a Mayan medicinal plant called mimosa tenuiflora, to diminish redness and help strengthen skin.

Booster Detox works on ‘congested’ skin, if you’ve been overdoing it. (Hen weekend, anyone...?) Green coffee extract helps to boost radiance and ‘plump’ skin – and because it’s turbo-charged with antioxidants, this is also the booster to pack for a trip to a polluted city.

First put a dollop of your regular cream, face mask or foundation in the palm of your hand, add three to five drops of your chosen booster (youpress the end of the dropper bottle to dispense), then blend, before smoothing into skin.

Skincare just got really personal.

Clarins Boosters/£30 each for 15ml at