Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty and wellbeing secrets

Make-up artist extraordinaire, mother, mascara addict and general life-enhancer, when Charlotte Tilbury sashays into a room it’s like a frothing crashing wave of Tigger-ish enthusiasm, fun and creativity laced with an overwhelming desire to communicate her passions. Which start with make-up - what else...?  I truly believe in the transformational power of make-up and how it can ‘make up’ your destiny. I discovered make-up and became fascinated by its power when I was 13 - it changed my life.

I started wearing mascara after I saw school-friends wearing it and overnight people reacted to me in a very different way – I was more popular and I felt more confident. At first that seemed like a depressing realisation but I very soon realised that make-up is every woman’s secret weapon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 16.03.51Make-up can give you confidence - to get that husband you’ve always wanted, change your job, move abroad, get a pay-rise… I definitely wouldn’t have the life and career I have without it.

I’m a loyal-to-my-look kind of woman and the Dolce Vita look from my collection is my signature. It’s inspired by Mediterranean beauties like Sophia Loren and Penelope Cruz. A molten chocolate and copper smoky eye, trademark feline flick and perfect nude-pink lip.

Apply moisturiser with my Tilbury Tap method. Work your fingers over the cheekbones like angel wings, then tap it in across the forehead, chin and nose using a pitter-patter motion to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost micro-circulation. It gives you fresh, youthful and glowing skin in seconds.

No one has ever seen me without make-up, not even my husbandCharlotte Tilbury WonderglowI sleep in it…! You can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas. I start all make-up with my miracle-working moisturiser, Magic Cream, £70 for 50 ml – it’s super nourishing and floods the skin with moisture. I follow this with Wonderglow, £38.50 for 40 ml, an illuminating primer which has breakthrough 'Fluorescent Core' technology that re-emits natural light through the skin for a lit-from-within effect. I call it Gisèle in a Jar!

Always curl your lashes, it’s like a push-up bra for the eyes. And layer at least three coats of mascara for full fluttering Bambi lashes.

Use lip liner to perfect and enhance your pout. You can also use it as a stencil to ensure your lipstick lasts longer.

High heels and dancing are my only forms of exercise! Tom Ford once told me that when women wear high heels we adopt the classic mating position, with accentuated curves.

I recharge my batteries in Ibiza. It’s where I grew up and I love spending time with my family and friends there for the whole of August each year. I come back refreshed and ready for work!

I regularly see a homeopath who prescribes me a host of different supplements including vitamins C and D, and borage oil to boost my immune system.

I love a full English breakfast to kickstart the day – eggs, bacon, tomatoes and granary bread and an Earl Grey tea to top it off. I also adore Thai green curry and honeycomb ice cream!