Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow


Trust Charlotte Tilbury to push back another boundary. In all our days, we've never really come across a skincare/make-up hybrid product which declares itself to be 'unisex'. Of course, endless borrowing goes on in the bathroom – but this sets out its stall to both men and women.

Its 'adaptive' technology has been used before (notably in an Estée Lauder DayWear product, which we've long been fans of) – but the healthy glow delivered by this looks good on any skin. As the nourishing moisturiser emerges from the tube, it's white in colour – but blended into skin, it 'morphs' to deliver a healthier, more golden version of your own skintone. And that's true whether you're naturally super-pale or already have a bit of a tan.

In our experience, it actually evens out skintone enough to render foundation unnecessary. (In fact, the only thing that would improve this, in our book, is the addition of an SPF. But maybe that's for a later upgrade.)

Better buy two, is our suggestion – because otherwise, he's only going to nick yours anyway.

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