Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

Instant Eye Palette_Open.jpg

Not the first multi-eyeshadow palette on the market. We all know that. But 'cmon. This. Is. From. Charlotte. Tilbury...!!!!

And after a flash, blink-and-you'll-miss-it launch on Charlotte's website recently, the Instant Eye Palette is now on sale more widely. What singles it out from the crowd – quite apart from the super-smooth texture of the buildable shadows – is the way it's divided into different 'looks', to make it simple to know what to apply when: Day, Desk, Date and Disco. Basically, all of life's 'occasions', covered, in one palette.

It's fair to say you'd probably never need to go eyeshadow-shopping ever again.

(Although most of us could say that about shoes, too. So we'll never say never – but you get our drift...)

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette/£60 at