Slow Ageing Essentials


Jolly clever name, this. And jolly lovely products, from a couple who’ve made quite a splash in beauty circles, in the past. We know David Lieber from his time running Decléor in the UK, while his wife Margot Lieber set up the brilliant Spa Illuminata, in Mayfair. (They met at The Chopra Center, in San Diego, when David was checked in there – and Margot was working as a practitioner.)

Devotees of the health-giving powers of Ayurveda, the couple have incorporated elements of Eastern healing with essential oils to create a capsule collection of four products, initially. They smell incredible; truly like a ‘spa-in-a-jar’ – and the very ritziest kind of spa, too; the kind where your blood pressure drops a point or two just by stepping over the threshold.

Slow Ageing abandons the idea of skintypes and age groups, with four products that are targeted at all ages. The Slow Ageing philosophy is that ‘in order to look your best on the outside, you have to feel your best on the inside’. So they also recommend an antioxidant diet, lots of fresh water, regular gentle exercise (yoga, walking) and plenty of restful sleep – which chimes 100% with our own knowledge and experience of what helps us all to look great for our age.

Integral to the effectiveness of the range is something else we’ve always believed in – a powerful facial massage (the Skin’ergy Application) to relax lines, boost glow and de-puff, which you can find on-line here.

A little of each of the products goes a long, long way, especially the Slow Ageing Essential Face Wash (£35 for 50 ml) – just a dab, honestly, foams creamily on the skin to cleanse brilliantly and ‘prep’ for the next step, which is the Facial Essence (£75 for 20 ml) – a lightweight, skin-balancing (and again, soothingly-scented) facial oil, packed with ylang ylang, rosemary and chamomile. You need just a drop, honestly.

The Essential Moisturiser (£65 for 50 ml) is skin-plumping and softening – powered by antioxidants and polyphenols from algae, leaving skin luminous and radiant. And last but not least, Slow Ageing Essential Face Balm (£80 for 20 ml) – a rich, balm-style multi-tasker. Use it to turbo-charge the face wash, for dry skin – or (as we have), on dry bits anywhere; it’s incredibly softening, and calming the mind as effectively as it calms the skin. It's so good on elbows, heels and feet generally, this is the one we’d like available by the vat, please, David and Margot.

And we know this is all about s-l-o-w – but make it snappy!

From £35 (£220 for the full Slow Ageing Essential Collection) – buy here