Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50


In truth there is only a minimal difference between the protection offered by an SPF30 and an SPF50 – it's all to do with some complicated maths. But when it comes to our faces, we play safe rather than sorry. (And accordingly, we're regularly gobsmacked, when finding ourselves on a beach, to see how many women have their faces full-on to the midday sun.)

What matters even more than whether you choose an SPF50 over an SPF30, however, is reapplying. Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50/PA +++ makes it super-easy: a bottle lightweight enough for any handbag (never mind beach basket), with a lightweight and non-greasy texture, now featuring a 'new generation' upgrade of this sunscreen – of which we've long been fans.

The revamped Chanel UV Essentiel (there is also an SPF30, if you really must) now promises to shield against burning UVB, ageing UVA, infrared and even indoor lighting. (More is being learned about the skin damage from the blue light emitted by screens.) It also fights pollution and free radicals.

We just love the smell, too, with its whispers of exotic tiaré flower.

All in all, a true pleasure to use, every time you apply and reapply – from hairline to bra-line, if you want optimum protection.

Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50/£42 for 30ml at