Chanel pops up (some more) in Covent Garden

If you haven't yet got down to Chanel's pop-up shop in Covent Garden, there's still time.  (We'd be happy if a Chanel shop popped up on every street corner, but since that day's a way off, it's always big news when a new outlet opens, even if only briefly...) In fact, the boutique's entering its second phase - with special features including a personalised gift-wrapping service, with a choice of cards featuring a printed quote from Mademoiselle herself, and even a calligrapher to script your chosen message.  (NB  Did you realise calligraphy is very, very hip right now...?)  And for the re-opening, there are to be giant bottles outside the boutique exploring the 'secrets' of No. 5.  (Hard to miss, then...!)  Inside, you'll find a Chanel nail bar where for £20 redeemable against purchase, you can enjoy a shape and polish.  Upstairs, you can have your make-up done by one of the resident pros.  (Perfect for pre-party.)  And there are lots of limited editions and 'cult' faves, too.

It's a bit of an endorsement for Covent Garden, of course, whose fortunes have rollercoastered.  First, when the Piazza reopened, it was hip.  Then it become too-touristy-for-words.  But since Apple opened their store and Ladurée turned it into macaron-ville, once again Covent Garden's hotter than a chestnut vendor's nuts.

Meanwhile, Jo will continue to creatively visualise the Hastings branch...

UK readers find Chanel Covent Garden at Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 8RF

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