Chanel Le Lift Massage Tool


No, this isn’t the world’s most glamorous, double-C-monogrammed bottle opener. Rather, it’s a very effective facial massage tool. It works to circulation and diminish the puffiness which somehow - thanks to colds/central heating/hangovers (!) seems to be worst of all at this time of year.

Naturally the packaging contains a how-to technique so we won’t go into it in depth here, but basically by following the contours of the face with the bottle-opener end (how else are we supposed to describe it?), it works to drain lymph and fluid from the face, leaving it de-puffed. Use it with your face cream and it also works to ‘press’ it into skin (they’d love that to be Chanel Sublimage L’Extrait, their most recent age-defying product – but that does have a £370 price tag…)

Sadly – because how we’d love to get this out at the Christmas party – it won’t flip the top off your Budweiser, to boot.

Otherwise, it’s perfect.

Chanel Le Lift Massage Tool at£25