Celebrations all round!

Who's holding the placard?  None other than Marcia Kilgore, our friend and Soap & Glory founder, to mark having two Beauty Bible Award-winners in our latest book, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, which is officially published today.  (Our friend Gill Sinclair has been well ahead of the game at Victoria Health, though, and has trashed her manicure personally wrapping pre-publication copies for readers who were quick off the mark...!) AABBStickerFinal

Soap & Glory's winners are The Breakfast Scrub (brilliant for faces becoming dingy at this time of year!) and Kick Ass Concealer (Light), with its brilliant mirror and sponge.  Testers just loved them - and (because Marcia's a savvy chick) you'll be seeing our Beauty Bible Award-Winner logo start to appear on both products.

In a world in which it's increasingly impossible to figure out which products actually deliver on their promises, the logo (and of course the book itself) is a way to cut through the thousands out there to effective, pleasurable-to-use products - which have all been put through their paces over a period of time and reported back on diligently.

About Marcia's concealer, they said:  'Excellent for thread veins, blemishes and pigmentation and to brighten dark shadows either side of the nose.'  And of the scrub (which scored a truly stupendous 9.29/10):  'I have the skin of a reptile but now it feels a lot smoother;  little while spots on arms appear less obvious and some have gone completely,' among many other raves.  (Of course you'll find both those winners at www.boots.com.)

If you haven't got your copy of the updated book yet, just click here for more info about how to order for just £12.95 (a saving of over £3).

And watch out for the attack of the stickers...!