Ceder's Alt Gins


Aware of keeping alcohol consumption at minimal levels (actually, Sarah doesn’t drink at all and Jo never drinks on ‘school nights’) we’re always looking for good, non-alcoholic spirit replacements that don’t make us feel like we’re missing out.

Emphasis on ‘good’. Most just aren’t. The faux spirits we’ve tried up till now are always a bit disappointing – not a snowball’s chance in hell of pretending we’re sipping a cool G&T. Even the ones which supposedly contain ‘gin botanicals’ seem to have only wussy levels, which barely register on the tastebuds.

Well, that was then and this is now. At the Live Well Show a few weeks ago, we tried Cedar’s Alt Gins and were incredibly impressed. Wow!

These have proper, pack-a-punch levels of traditional gin botanicals, which are also distilled. In Classic (our favourite), you’ll have your tastebuds tantalised by juniper, coriander, geranium and Cape floral fynbox (one of the Ceder’s co-founders is from South Africa, NB, while the other is Swedish). In Crisp, juniper is blended with refreshing citrus, cucumber and chamomile, while the trio is completed by Ceder’s Wild, with the addition of ginger, rooibos and clove. 

Just add Fever Tree tonic and we swear you can barely tell the difference – till the next (clear-headed) morning.

£19.95 for 50cl – buy here (also in store at Sainsburys and Tesco, we’re told)