butter LONDON Stiletto Stick Heel Hydrating Balm

Did you hear that scrabbling sound yesterday? That was the noise of millions of British women rootling in the back of their wardrobes for sandals, while simultaneously banishing black opaques - all thanks to our climate doing the equivalent of 0-60 in an Aston Martin.

So if, like us, the sudden onset of summer caught you and your feet/hooves unawares, you'll want to know about this swivel-up heel moisturiser, part of Butter London's Waterless Pedicure collection.  Swipe it over those rhino-y bits of hard skin for instant relief and ongoing improvements.

As a result, from us, from now on, the sound you'll be hearing is of happy, baby-soft feet in kitten heels, clicking merrily on summer pavements en route to a pavement café rendezvous.

Hurrah for summer!  And better - er, butter? - late than never.

UK readers find butter LONDON Stiletto Stick Heel Hydrating Balm/£27 at www.zuneta.com - click here and get a 10% discount when you enter the code ZBEAUTYBIBLE  at the checkout US readers find it here/$30 at www.butterlondon.com