Burberry Full Kisses


Slightly mixed metaphors here, but right now Burberry can’t put a foot wrong with their lip offering. (Click on the names to see our reviews of Burberry Kisses and Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturising Shine Lip Colour.) This addition to the range was launched in spring, but we think Burberry Full Kisses – the most intense incarnation yet – will really come into their own now, as make-up takes on a bolder air.

There’s something about the beveled tip of this Burberry Full Kisses design that makes for wonderfully precise application of the full-coverage-yet-comfy formulation, which comes in a slimline and longer-than-usual stick. We didn't quite buy the promise by Burberry Make-up Artistic consultant Wendy Rowe that you don’t need a mirror to apply it –but funnily enough, even with a deep shade like Dewberry No.549, it’s absolutely true. (Something to do with that slant-y design.)

It doesn’t suck the life out of your lips, unlike many – in fact, it’s pleasantly moisturising, while offering a very long-lasting tint. (The satin coverage does fade, but lips still have colour several hours after application.)

14 fab, ‘inspired-by-the-catwalk’ (yet very wearable shades) available, all of which will add a little glamorous sway to your model walk.

Burberry Full Kisses/£24 at wwww.uk.burberry.com