Brush up your vlogging skills...

... Because you could be the next L'Oréal make-up artist. Should Mary Greenwell and Lisa Eldridge be looking over their shoulders? Maybe. Because L'Oréal The Brush Contest is certainly a fantastic opportunity for an 'unknown' to bag one a seriously coveted contract with the brand.

Basically, they want you to upload a three-minute video creating a 'look', either on yourself - classic vlogging stuff - or on a friend or model. You'll need to narrate the process, of course, in true vlogging style - and of course they're not just looking for skills whisking your brushes across faces, but also how you communicate that.

The prize is a trip to Cannes to create 'red carpet' look, and a one-year paid contract - surely the stuff of dreams, for anyone whose only exposure so far has been video blogging for her bedroom.

Enter here - and keep your fingers as firmly crossed as you can, without interfering with your brush skills.