Bridal make-up secrets from Florrie White

It’s a cliché but of course your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life (so far). But the build-up can be pretty stressful, as all brides know, and your make-up comes high up on the list of ‘Hellllp!’ factors. So we asked make-up genius Florrie White, Clinique’s UK Colour Artist, for her advice for brides. It applies to bridesmaids and mothers too - in fact pretty well everyone, we’d say.

• Keep it simple – just aim to create the prettiest version of yourself.

• Don’t try out a new look or follow a hot fashion trend for your Big Day. You don't want to surprise (or worse shock) your husband-to-be, nor do you want your photos to date because of your current ‘trend’ look.

• Treat yourself to a make-up consultation on counter for professional tips, especially how to enhance your make-up for photographs without looking too heavy in real life. [NB We would add that flash photography ups the red quota so avoid too much hot pink: you don't want to look like a boiled lobster.]

• Practice your look at home a few times before your wedding so you are really confident. If you are using a professional make-up artist, have a trial – and be sure they write it down: you don't want them mixing up your look with the next bride along.

Superprimer• Use a primer to calm any skin concerns such as redness from nerves. It will also help keep your make up in place for longer. Clinique recommends: Superprimer Face Primer Colour - Corrects Redness/£20

High Impact Mascara• Choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner in case of any waves of emotion! Clinique recommends: High Impact Waterproof Mascara/£17.50

Quickliner lips• Enhance your lips with a lip-liner and long-lasting lipstick – definitely not gloss: it won’t last and will probably leave stains on your new husband after the first kiss. Clinique recommends: Quickliner for Lips/£17.50

• Set your make-up with powder to keep shine at bay, but don’t overdo it: powder across and down the T-zone, not forgetting around the nose and across the chin. Clinique recommends: Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder/£23Stay Matte Sheer Powder

• Have a small bag to keep your touch-up essentials, including cover up, lipstick and blotting paper or powder.

Superfine Liner Brows• Don't do anything radical with your eyebrows, especially if you are having a destination wedding and using a new beautician or salon. One of Florrie’s friends hates her wedding pictures because of an over-zealous eyebrow wax. Instead fill in any gaps in your brows, then brush hairs up and along to open the face and define your features. Clinique recommends: Superfine Liner For Brows/£14