Beauty Clinic: Bridal beauty 'To Do' list


Q. I’m getting married in October in Scotland and trying to make a list of everything I need to organize beautywise. I work fulltime and I keep remembering – and then forgetting – all the bits and pieces. Do you have a helpful list? A, We really empathise. Weddings can do that to you. Sarah forgot about getting her legs waxed and wandered up and down the Kings Road in London in a daze, five days before her wedding, looking for somewhere to be defuzzed… and wishing she had made just such a list.

Here are our suggestions.

First of all, from Jo: if you have a smartphone, download an App called Wunderlist. This can also link to your laptop, desktop computer – and if you’ve a friend (perhaps Maid/Matron of Honour?) who has Wunderlist on her phone, you can actually share the list with her. Jo absolutely lives her life by Wunderlist and can’t recommend it too highly – and because it’s shared on all your devices, it’s really easy to check in with the list. Then add the following to the list…

Book your hair and make up artist well in advance (immediately, if you haven’t done so already). Remember bridesmaids will likely want hair & make up on the day too, and possibly mothers. Book a rehearsal for a week before The Day.

Two weeks before...

Hair cut and colour: then give yourself a treatment mask twice a week

Eyebrow shaping/tinting

One week before...


Rehearsal for hair & make up: identify the essentials you’ll need on the day to touch up, particularly for photographs.

Gentle facial (no peels or anything that might leave your skin red or blotchy)

Prep dry lips with lip balm daily

Fake tan, if you go that route (though Scotland in autumn probably means not)

Two days before...

Manicure/pedicure – then wear washing up gloves and make sure you have the same nail polish to touch up if necessary

Massage – you’ll need a relaxing treat

On the day...

Hair and make-up

Remember to pack in your case...

• Sponge bag with all your skincare • Make-up bag • Don't forget your scent! • New undies • Small clutch bag with strap for the day (or a reticule-like pouch that will hang on your wrist is fab) • Hankies • Tights • Jewellery • Hair ornaments • Emergency Kit: There’s a great Bridal Emergency Kit on, which you could use as a basis for packing.

Make sure your mother or Matron/Maid of Honour carries a little touch-up kit for photos: some translucent pressed powder and your chosen lipstick for the day, too.


Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash