Bottega Veneta Essences Aromatiques


Since their first foray into fragrance, Bottega Veneta – lust object Italian luxury goods brand – haven’t put a foot wrong, scent-wise. Jo is utterly devoted to the original Bottega Veneta – a stunning Chypre which she wears a great deal in winter – but this is summer-perfect: an airy, breeze Cologne-style scent with much more going on than a burst of the usual bergamot. And how great would these look, lined up on the bathroom shelf...? (There are so many because Essence Aromatique for Men now has its own shower and grooming line-up, too. Pretty darned borrowable, NB.)

A particular favourite is the Essence Aromatique Exfoliating Body Scrub, which is skin-friendly (think: apricot and grapeseed oils plus dateseed extract). But if you’ve a gap in your bodycare ritual for a new Hand & Body Lotion, or the ‘small pleasure’ that is a brand new bar of soap, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with these.

Created by perfumer Michel Almairac, the bright and beautiful citrus and light floral elements of Essence Aromatique are softened by smooth, warmamber and sandalwood flourishes – which don’t make this heavy, but round the whole thing out beautifully.

We are delighted that having scratched their bodycare ranges, many brands have done a volte face and are either bringing back the layering opportunities or – as here – launching new ones.

Counting down to bathtime, at Beauty Bible HQ...

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