Bobbi Brown in your pocket

We’d love to carry make-up artist Bobbi Brown in our pockets, as a fount of wisdom on all things beautiful. And now we can.

Ask Bobbi is a really nifty little app, offering lots of Bobbi’s signature advice in a how-to, step-by-step, fool-proof way. Honestly, one of the best-ever beauty apps we’ve tried, absolutely packed with tips and tricks and tutorials (including that eternal beauty conundrum: how to create a smokey eye.

You can then add items to your wishlist, click to find products on-line – or book for a tutorial at your nearest Bobbi Brown counter (psychically, it knows where that is – and then adds it to your calendar. Woo-hoo!!!)

Can we say we also love the graphics: the app: it ‘unzips’ as you open it?

We think you’ll be doing that often.

UK readers download the app for free for the iPhone at the App Store (UK and Ireland) – click here to find it