Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara


A warning to readers - do not be alarmed at the size of this massive brush! Honestly, it is a little alarming - especially if you're used to using a small, plastic one. We gave this to our resident 'Mascara Expert' , Amy Eason (she also moonlights as our Editorial Assistant), who comments: 'Please do persevere though as the results are worth it and you'll be rewarded with sweeping and dramatic lashes that are incredibly lifted!'

The formula is a deep, inky black and certainly delivers on its promise of thickening and magnifying each and every lash. And - listen to a pro, here - Amy also also noticed that 'for that real wide awake look, a couple of coats really magnifies the eye-opening effect.'

Mascara Expert? We're lucky to have her. (And sorry: the job's gone.)

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara/£23 at