Ibiza just got even cooler


It is a fact of life for some of us (um, Jo) that holiday choices somewhat revolve around the availability of a good blow-dry. Utterly, hopelessly incapable of taming her surprisingly wayward hair into anything other than a Strewelpeter look, she likes to be within striking distance of a great hair salon. (Note: by swimming like the Loch Ness Monster, she can stretch out a blow-dry for a week – provided nobody splashes her while water-skiing.)

The ultra-cool island of Ibiza, then,  just went soaring up her 'must revisit' list with the announcement that some of John Frieda's leading stylists will be in residence this summer at the achingly hip Nobu Hotel. Our friend John himself has had a home there for 30 years, and declares: 'Ibiza has always held a special place in my heart.'

Sited at Talamanca Bay (just a couple of miles from Ibiza Town), the new five-star luxury Nobu Hotel is set to host some of London's leading stylists – and colourists, too. No time to get your highlights done before you leave? No problem! In fact, whatever your holiday hair S.O.S., you'll be able to get it sorted.

We're pretty sure our favourite hairstylists on the planet will be wrestling each other to the ground for some shifts there.

And you never know: they might just find a windswept, beach-baked Jo, at the backwash.