Benefit Girls Gone WOW! Gift Set


Benefit do gifts brilliantly. We literally do not know a young woman – well, not of our acquaintance – who doesn't thrill to finding one of these under the tree. This one might prove a challenge to wrap – and it'd gobble up quite a lot of Christmas stocking-space – but stick with it. The eye-catching 'biscuit tin' contains five iconic products: They're Real! Mascara and They're Real! Tinted Primer (for lash-boosting), glow-getting BenetintGimme Brow (in 03 Medium), and The POREFessional.

It's one of many, many kits on offer at Benefit, right now – but what you'll personally love about this is that it features £76 worth of products for just £39.50.

So you'll seem even more generous than you clearly are...

Benefit Girls Gone WOW! Gift Set/£39.50 at